Download the Online Arena Application

for Windows
for Apple
for Mobile and Tablet


IMPORTANT: the software application will not function unless Java is installed. Members are advised to make sure they have the latest version of Java.

To install Java for the first time, or to update to the latest version, go to:

Note for Mac users using Safari:

If the setup does not start automatically on Safari, you have to:

click on 'Show Downloads' button on the top right corner of the safari browser
locate the 'area-setup-mac.jnlp' item in the list and select 'Show in Finder' (the magnifier lens button)
Open the .jnlp file from the Finder

How to open the application once it is installed:

Windows: select Start/Programs/Online arena
Mac/Linux: select the Online arena icon from the folder or destination where the application file was saved (e.g. the Desktop).


The Online Arena application will be automatically updated.

Every time your computer is turned on, the application automatically checks for newer versions or updates and installs them.